Author: w1lliBald

Diving into the world of Underground Hip Hop around the time MC Eiht's "We Come Strapped" dropped, I quickly found myself drawn to the West Coast vibes. My passion then evolved, embracing the gritty beats and profound lyrics that the golden ages illuminated. From blogging to engaging with like-minded fans in various groups, I've been a part of the scene since the days of Napster and Audiogalaxy. WorldWide.HipHop has been a continuous journey, transitioning to its fourth platform, but unfortunately without the ability to carry over our expansive database. If circumstances had been different, we might have amassed a collection of nearly 200k tracks by now. Nevertheless, the pursuit continues as we dig deeper into the rich terrain of hip-hop. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or just discovering the genre, we welcome you to join us on this never-ending adventure.