Common & Pete Rock – Fortunate (Official Audio)

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The new album with Common & Pete Rock | The Auditorium Vol. – Out July 12, 2024 Album Pre-Save/Pre-Order:… For more visit Follow Common: YouTube: / @common Website: Follow Pete Rock Lyrics: I’m fortunate to be alive Can’t explain how I got here But we’ve arrived The deliverance and diligence For which we strive Is the feeling  , there’s no ceiling Is when we rise Fortunate to have friends who don’t synthesize I keep good company We enterprise Had a strong gaze since infant eyes I guess I can see the power in the prize Incentivized by the Streets I identified Other people’s struggles I don’t minimize Fortunate to be born and raised in the Chi Salt of the earth People with the bravest eye They say your God is truth I wasn’t raised to lie Fortunate to be so que sera Every day that I get up I trace the sky And draw with the Most High On the place that I Am And that’s fortunate (CHORUS) Fortunate for the breath of life And the breath of the Lord Through Reverend Wright Fortunate in my house ain’t a desperate wife I studied life so I can test the mic The laboratory of a rapper’s story From the alley to the allegory I pour rhyme in the time Let it travel from me The war with self is the biggest battle for me Fortunate when I was twelve I let rap allure me Fortunate through the wilderness I see the trees In the forest there’s a lot of fallen mc’s Fortunate that the God shared the lessons He returned to the essence I still feel his presence Most of my brethren are from ‘87 Childhood friends I’m glad that I kept them Fortunate for the wisdom of the elders And my grandmother and mother’s love That never failed us I’m fortunate (CHORUS) Fortunate I was raised around my Uncle Steve and my Uncle Charles They both told me Believe The seeds of a revolutionary Evolution’s very Necessary To become fruits and berries of our labor Told to search for a savior Fortunate I had a chance to raise her In the days of the unknown I’m fortunate to come home To blocks we fought and swung on Fortunate the Lord put me on the path To used the microphone for a rod and a staff Fortunate that my heart and the beat knocks The windy city street bop I’m Fortunate for Pete Rock I’m fortunate Subscribe on YouTube – #Common

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