PARADIME – WOLF GREYS (feat. MARV WON & TY FARRIS) | prod. APOLLO BROWN (official video)

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From Paradime’s upcoming album “PERIOD.”  ⚫️ dropping 9/22 Paradime  “Wolf Greys” • feat. Marv Won + Ty Farris Scratches by DJ AMF Produced by Apollo Brown Mixed by Charlie Beans Thumbnail Photo by Trilogy Beats Video directed by Minoshotdat ( Thanks to Dispo (…) ——- About the song in Paradime’s words. “Wolf Greys is as Detroit Hip Hop spine as it gets.. I’m not one for features just for the sake of having a feature.. anyone I rock with is because I respect and listen to them.. Marv Won is hands down one of the most gifted emcees to do it. He has made a sport of rhyme and I’ve always been a fan of his work, and he’s a friend.. so that was a no brainer.. Ty Farris.. same thing.. he’s a seasoned emcee and his penmanship is unmatched.. I’ve seen him solidify a spot in this game with his abilities.. and again.. he’s a friend of mine.. Apollo Brown?? Cmon. The guy is a monster.. and he made this track specifically for me and this project and the track does as much work as the emcees.. it’s so deep and heavy.. The theme and delivery is all based on some concrete legendary type shit.. this spot was earned, and maintained.. and those last few lines about “like it’s ‘99 and I’m bustin at Drews, Shoes is playing “Livin Proof”, I got an oil can in my hand, a pre roll in my boot”. It’s an homage to those nights.. House Shoes spinning and all these legendary emcees in one building.. Fosters cans and snuck in jibs.. And here we are still maintaining.” Sounds Beautiful Like The Truth Mello Music Group 👑 #Paradime #ApolloBrown #MelloMusicGroup #rap #hiphop #MarvWon  #TyFarris #Detroit

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