Afroham – Day By Day (feat. Mathien & Cae Jones)

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Rising Dutch producer Afroham drops follow-up single to his debut EP ‘Quantum Love’. ‘Day by Day’ is a laid-back rap track with Cae Jones (rap) and Mathien (hook) on vo-cals, celebrating everyday life. Produced and recorded in Chicago with artwork by French illustrator MC Blue Matter.

Afroham is a 26-year-old musician from Rotterdam, Netherlands. He is fusing neo-soul, lofi and hip-hop in his very own style and fashion. Most of his instrumental music comes via Chillhop while MPM is his homebase for rap & soul music. Born Nathan Avraham, Afroham’s artist name is a playful take on his surname and his hairdo. His superpowers also include DJing and creating visual art via video and 3d animation (despite being colourblind).

Last February, we released Afroham’s ‘Quantum Love’, a five-track EP that addresses love and rejection in the digital age with Dutch alt R&B shooting star GINGE and Swiss neo-soul songstress Djemeia on vocals. For his new single ‘Day by Day’, Afroham has teamed up with plant enthusiast, model, musician and cannabis educator Cae Jones and singer-songwriter/producer Mathien, who are both from Chicago.

“While I was traveling through the USA in 2022, my friend Ben Neonpajamas hosted a stu-dio session for us in the legendary Glass Tree Studios in Chicago,” Afroham recollects. “We met up with Martin $ky aka Septober, Mathien, Desh, Ari Burns, Noé Mina, Neonpa-jamas. We didn’t even know Cae Jones who was just hanging in the studio and told us he had some bars. The track came along super naturally, much since the session itself. The song is about having a good time and taking it day by day. No deep meaning behind it – just an amazing moment in my life where the energy of the room is recorded into a track that will exist forever.” 


releases August 28, 2023
Produced & mixed by Afroham.
Keys by Ari Burns.
Vocals by Cae Jones.
Vocals by Mathien.
Trumpet by Ari Burns & Noé Mina.
Masterred by Roe Beardie.
Artwork by MC Blue Matter.
Cat No: MPM 342
Artist: Afroham
Titel: Day By Day (feat. Mathien & Cae Jones)

© ℗ 2023 Melting Pot Music

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