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Imp – Idle Hands

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This is not the album I intended to make. I was knee deep into creating another album altogether when… we all know what happened last October. Depression and grief consumed me. I couldn’t write. Food didn’t taste correct, and trying to eat felt like torture. Music was abhorrent, even in my most comforting picks. Therapy is great, but it sure ain’t cheap. I’m grateful to the friends who have tried to help, but for whatever reason– an aversion to seeking assistance, a waning trust in company, mild philophobia, alexithymia, and apathy– I simply couldn’t accept any of it. By the time of the new year, I chiseled away at my notebooks, trying to figure out what to write. World affairs and social critiques, subjects very much familiar and documented within my catalogue took to the wayside of my writing; I instead had to excavate the crushing wounds weighing on me, ones I’d ruminate over. I grew tired of expectations placed upon me that I never asked for and couldn’t live up to, and there’s a whole heap of me being a moody, angry bitch with no healthy coping mechanisms whether I was vindicated or not. I’ve been rude, I’ve been fearful, I’ve been weak, and trying to work through my gripes with my flawed self while having a figurative spotlight on me is terribly…  more credits releases July 17, 2024 Ali Sahir: Vocals (7), Co-Mix Engineering (7) ariesfoolmoon: Vocals (4), Additional Mix Engineering (4) Dylan Welch: Drums (10), Recording Engineer (10), Co-production (10) Fendi Pendergrass: Additional Vocals (2, 9), Production (9) freespottie: Production (4), Additional Vocals (4), Additional Mix Engineering (4) Hayatheus: Vocals (7) Imp: Vocals (all tracks), Production (1-3, 7, 10), Mix/Master Engineering (all tracks), Post-Production (4-6, 8) Jarhead the Nobody: Production (8) Kaffo, the Sensei: Production (6) Lily Berz: Guitar (10) Lithium Pineapple: Vocals (3) PYJIGN: Production (5), Additional Mix Engineering (5) quirkless: Saxophone (10) Rogue Dynamo: Vocals (3) Sam Boss: Bass Se’Nam Palmer: Guitar solo (10) Steven Schlosser: Keyboard (10) Yvhikv: Vocals (7) Victor Mariachi: Vocals (7)

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