Az Izz – Keep My Name Out Your Mouth (Production Lil ETO)

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Aloha Fools Az Izz Keep My Name Out Your Mouth music video shot on location in Newark Brick City New Jersey. Crew Director/Dp K3rsid 1St AC K3rsid Steadicam K3rsid Photographer K3rsid Videographers K3rsid Vfx Artist. K3rsid Editor K3rsid Colorist K3rsid Talent Az Izz Production Lil ETO Writers Az Izz Artwork Moves K3rsid Recorded  by Jon Cue At 187 Studio Mixed by Mugz Aubrey Az Izz King Twitter @TherealAzizz Facebook Azizz Salaam Tic Tok @Almightyazizz Instagram @IzzGodSent

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