Bee Phox ft. Stoneface – “Open Your Mind” – (Official Audio)

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Every single person alive and breathing is fighting their own personal demons, illnesses, and setbacks. The question is: Are they willing to have an open mind to learn from these obstacles? Will they be observant enough to see both sides of the coin? Will they expand their consciousness and discover the root of true wisdom? Princeton, New Jersey native, Bee Phox, a U.S. Army and Desert Storm veteran has credited his survival to keeping an open mind.  His 9 years of honorable service have not come without pain and hardship,  from the debilitating bouts of mental illness to the haunting terror of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Finding himself in and out of mental hospitals, Bee Phox fortunately found the healing powers of creating music, transforming his struggles into a beacon of strength. After sharing his newly founded talent and mental therapy with Hugh Carter (Cool Hugh), Phox’s cousin and fellow PTSD-diagnosed Army veteran, the two formed 2Souljiers, a community-empowering organization with a mission focused on helping homeless veterans, those battling mental illness, in addition to serving as a platform for Bee Phox’s uplifting music. Bee Phox’s debut single, “Open Your Mind”, symbolizes the beginning of a better tomorrow, teaming up with Philadelphia’s Billboard-charting rapper and producer, Stoneface of Eloheem Team, to fight for fellow PTSD sufferers.  The mesmerizing Stoneface-produced soundscape pairs perfectly with the two emcees’ verbal jewelry, commanding an open mind of absolute fearlessness and elevation. When speaking about “Open Your Mind”, Bee Phox stated, “I have always been a man of thought. I habitually choose to open my mind before opening my mouth. This is where I found the source of absolute wisdom, unlocking powerful thoughts and ideas that have enabled me to take the offensive against my own PTSD.” “Open Your Mind” is available now on all platforms via 2Souljiers, and is the first single off of Bee Phox’s upcoming debut album “From Soldier To Soul Lifter” due out in early 2024.  Discover more about 2Souljiers X (Twitter) Handles: Bee Phox-  @Bee_Phox Stoneface-  @RealStoneface 2Souljiers-  @2Souljiers Galactic Push (Marketing) –  @GalacticPush Instagram Handles: Bee Phox-  @BeePhox Stoneface-  @OriginalStoneface 2Souljiers-  @2Souljiers Hugh Carter-  @CoolHugh2 Galactic Push (Marketing) –  @GalacticPush #USArmyVeteran #DesertStorm #BeePhox #Stoneface #PTSD #NJHipHop #PhillyHipHop #2Souljiers

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