DJ RONSHA & G-ZON – Ronsha Mix #353 (New Hip-Hop Boom Bap Only)

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#HipHopShow supported by Rapsody / Starz Coleman / MC Random / Tek Tha Supah Latin / Unknown Mizery (Wzrdmnk) / Rudy Williams / Eto / Quiet / Drazmatik / Illustrate / Procyse / Sean Peng / Ramson Badbonez / Supastition / Frank Nitt (Frank-N-Dank) / Dro Pesci / Camoflauge Monk / Ronnie Alpha / Chris Skillz / Raze The Ratchet / Twistello / Mic Handz / Wisdm Uno (1773) / Korey Buckets / BoFaat / Taiyamo Denku / Silent Knight / UFO Fev / Fredro Starr (Onyx) / Ty Farris / Guilty Simpson / Nowaah The Flood / Eclyse / XP The Marxman / Mickey O’Brien / Che Uno / Scoob Rock / RhymeStyleTroop / Planet Asia / Reks / Lex Starwind / Skizza / Masta Ace / Dan-e-o / Len-Dor / DJ GlibStylez / Tone Spliff / Edo. G / Leaf Dog / Shadow Magnetic / L*Roneous & Gennessee (Double Life) / Recognize Ali / Freak Tha Monsta, and more…

On-air Jeudi 20h / Thursday 8pm CET Paris on

Curly Castro, PremRock & Controller 7 - Nobody Planning To Leave | ShrapKnel
Termanology - Tell Me


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  1. #Playlist:
    1- DJ Yas “Ronsha Mix Boom Bap Show Intro”
    2- Double Life (L*Roneous x Gennessee) “Varsity Letters”
    3- BVA x Leaf Dog “Curse Of The Liquor”
    4- Reks x CHiLL-iLL “Soul Chain” [Cuts by CHiLL-iLL]
    5- BVA x Leaf Dog “Desire”
    6- Mickey O’Brien “On Guard (The Dirty Sample Remix)” [Cuts by DJ Versatile]
    7- Drazmatik x Quiet “Raised In The Wild”
    8- Guilty Simpson x Abstract Museum “Block Runners” (feat. DJ Maxgreat)
    9- Sean Peng x Illinformed “Sick Society” (feat. Ramson Badbonez)
    10- Tek Tha Supah Latin x MC Random “I Am He”
    11- The Mighty Rhino, Skizza & Steps Necessary “Bombs Away (Intro)” [Cuts by DJ Uncle Fester]
    12- Wisdm Uno (1773) x Joe Tyse “Seq 4: Wet Dream” (feat. DJ Robert Smith)
    13- Gennessee x Ace Andretti “Fall Down Get Up” (feat. Lil Flower Nasti)
    14- J.O.D “Pledge Allegiance” (feat. Dro Pesci)
    15- Supastition x The Mighty DR “How Do I Love Thee?”
    16- Drazmatik x Quiet “The Bottom Line” (feat. Quiet)
    17- Hollow Profit “95 Lumina” (feat. Ty Farris)
    18- Starz Coleman x godBLESSbeatz “Razor Ramon”
    19- Lex Starwind “Hollowfication”
    20- Frank-N-Dank (Frank Nitt & Dankery Harv) x DJ Mitsu The Beats “Everybody” (feat. Rhettmatic)
    21- Dan-e-o x Charisma aka Skizzz “Cleanse My Soul” (feat. Masta Ace & Xentury)
    22- BVA x Leaf Dog “Couple Clues”
    23- Raze The Ratchet x Sick Thor “Overrated”
    24- The 6th Letter & Billie Essco “Getting Baked In The Bakery” (feat. Raz Fresco)
    25- Rapsody x S1 aka Symbolyc One “Raw” (feat. Lil Wayne)
    26- Silent Knight x DRKBXT “No Sunshine”
    27- Heem B$F x Scram Jones “Lanova’s Freestyle” (feat. Conway The Machine & Jae Skeese)
    28- Dan-e-o x Big Sproxx “Psychokinetic” (feat. Hart)
    29- Alpha Betic & Shadow Magnetic “Never Cry Wolf” (feat. Wolfheart)
    30- MC Random, Tek Tha Supah Latin, Jay Daskreet, Vince One, Bj Blunt & Ari Hotep “Stop Schemin” [Cuts by DJ Warlock One]
    31- Mach-Hommy x Conductor Williams “Sur Le Pont d’Avignon (Reparation #1)”
    32- Edo. G x Tone Spliff “Act Of God” [Cuts by Tone Spliff]
    33- UFO Fev x Fredro Starr (Onyx) “Fast Life”
    34- XP The Marxman x Currister “Nylon Mask’s” (feat. Montage One)
    35- Ronnie Alpha “Code Red” (feat. Sam Be Yourself, Chris Skillz & Rahs God)
    36- Lifeline, Scoob Rock & K9 London “We Ready”
    37- Inna Meth x Vic Grimes “Powerful” (feat. JabbaThaKut)
    38- Korey Buckets x BoFaat “On That Time”
    39- Illustrate, Procyse & F-Plus “All My Life”
    40- Twistello x I.Z Giannis “Next” (feat. Mic Handz & Alpha Betic)
    41- Wzrdmnk (Unknown Mizery x Arkeologists) “Monks Lesson”
    42- Teller Bank$ x Ed Glorious “Egg Prices”
    43- Potatohead People (Nick Wisdom & AstroLogical) “Distant Luv” (feat. Kapok)
    44- PA. Dre “My Last One” (feat. Planet Asia, RhymeStyleTroop & Sav Killz)
    45- Taiyamo Denku x BoFaat “The Way I Am” (feat. Killah Priest)
    46- Len-Dor, Donnie Quest & DJ GlibStylez “Passport Flows”
    47- Rudy Williams x Wahr Season “One Brick Or One Rhyme” (feat. Eto)
    48- Eclyse x Jay Oracle “Clear Skies”
    49- Nowaah The Flood x True Cipher “Make It Clear”
    50- Che Uno x The Quarter Inch Kings “Wilderness Of The North”
    51- Freak Tha Monsta “Odds Against Tomorrow” (feat. Tone Spliff)
    52- Conway The Machine x Camoflauge Monk “Vertino” (feat. Joey Bada$$)
    53- Recognize Ali, Lil Supa & Brisk Fingaz “Master Chefs”